[Tutorial] How to setup CS:GO Cheat for Matchmaking


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Hello folks! 🤩

In this thread I will explain a bit how to setup the ARUBAHOOK cheat for Legit/Closet cheating purposes only. I'll striclty focus on the Aimbot as well as the ESP and Chams (aka Wallhack) to let you remain undetected on Matchmakings, and let you rank high as you want to.

🔐 As everybody knows, the ARUBAHOOK is not detected by VAC so you are freely to use it on any competetive games in CS:GO.

Just keep in mind that only bans from using our cheat comes from Overwatch itself, so your goal is not being spotted as cheater by other players in a particular match that you play.

🎯 Aimbot tab

Aimbot is powerful, here are some pretty good settings that I suggest you using. ARUBAHOOK allow you to setup every weapon with other settings so I suggest you to give it a try and create your perfect config that will cover most of them. In my experience every weapon needs slighlty other config to hit p and not produce any suspcious moves. Within this tutorial I'll group them, but your work is to figure out the rest weapons from each group.

📌 Rifles

The settings that I present may be different for you depending on your rifle playstyle, if you prefer to tap people instead of spraying them down, you may adjust the settings slightly close to the pistol example.

  • Aimbot fov around 20
  • Smooth around 20
  • No-recoil max
  • Hitboxes: Head, neck, chest and body.
  • Multipoint - some high value it improves you aimpots to be not just center ones but ones that are closer to your crosshair
  • Backtrack - never use 200 it may be noticable, but value below 100ms should be legit enough.
  • Aiming Curve - big game changer, your aiming does not snap in straight lines but in curves, that improvess your aim moves a lot!
  • Filters - use that, otherwise it will look very awkward if you by accident aim at guy that is behind the wall or jump very fast.


📌 Pistols

These pistol settings, tested on glock-18 are designed for fast spamming onetaps and grants you almost unnoticable aimbot experience while still being very powerful and kill every enemy that you encounter on your way.

  • Aim fov around 40
  • Smooth 10
  • No-recoil max
  • Aim Time 55ms
  • Hitboxes: Head, neck, chest
  • Multipoint max
  • Backtrack & extrapolation - 80ms
  • Aim Curves - max on X and Y
  • Filters - all


📌 Snipers

AWP settings that are designed for quick semi-flickshots, your crosshair travels the distance to your enemy in very flicky and unpredictable way and grant you very good acuraccy while still keeping everything legit.

  • Aim fov 100
  • Smooth 5
  • No-recoil 0
  • Aim Time - around 70
  • Hitboxes: Chest, body, thorax, pelvis
  • Multipoint - some low value
  • Backtrack & extrapolation - can be slightly above 100
  • Aiming Curve - only Y axis maniplulation at 8
  • Filters - all

📺 ESP & Chams - wallhack settings

The most crucial thing to make sure your settings are up to is the difference between visible and invisible players. ARUBAHOOK has perfect system that indicate those two states of player that you can setup totally differently either in the Chams tab as well as in the ESP tab. You can even disable invisible ESP & Chams completely for most overwatch security, but for experienced cheater that is not required. 😎

ESP Settings used

Chams settings used

Thats all for this thread. Thanks for reading and remember have fun! 🧐

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