[Instructions] How to run CS:GO Cheat


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1 year ago ~ Xapak

Hello members! 👋

This quick post will regard the topic of the downloading and executing the cheat for CS:GO from our site.

🚩 Requirements:

If everything on the list above matches your current environment, let's begin.

💹 Step one.

Download the cheat from Dashboard, if you dont own a subscription buy one before. If you have a anti-virus it may be need to flag the cheat executable as trusted - we are working on this problem but here is the current virus scan of the cheat loader:


Also make sure that any Firewall software (Windows Firewall, Antivirus Firewall) is not blocking the network traffic from the Loader. You have to add exception rule for the loader.exe or disable firewall completely.

Once you download the loader it won't be required to do it again, because there is an auto-update feature built in it.

⚠️ Step two.

Run the "loader.exe" that you have downloaded.

If the "Windows protected your PC" window appear, click the "More info" underlined text, then press "Run anyway" button.

The window is an Windows System protection against unknown software, since our cheat is quite unique and not popular the executable is not being registered by windows and the window may appear. If you have any doubts just google it why does it appear 🤪.

After that process the Cheat Loader GUI should appear.

♻️ Step three.


On your first usage it's required to enter your credentials from arubahook.net, the email and the password. Then your credentials will be stored on your computer and you won't be re-requested for them again.

After successful authorization you will see the panel change into something similar to this:

🔥 Step four.

Launch CS:GO and wait till it fully loads, switch back to the loader and click "Load to the Game".

After successful injection you will see the Welcome message in-game:

Done. You've properly loaded the Cheat into the CS:GO! 🥳

Now have just have fun!

If you would encounter any problems during these steps immadiately create a new Thread in the https://arubahook.net/forums/c/csgo-support section.


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