Where to buy CS:GO cheats: How to find a legitimate seller

Where to buy CS:GO cheats in depth explanation on how you can find your next cheating software for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

What are possible places of getting a paid CS:GO cheat?

We can split the main sources from where you could possibly purchase a CSGO cheat into two main groups:

  • A private person that codes cheats for sale
  • An registered company

In these two main groups you can find a variety of pros and cons for both of them. Basic difference between a private coder and a company is that the company is restricted in some way by the government, which has approved it and registered it so in theory that company shouldn’t perform any scamming nor other shady sales that aren’t satisfying their customers.

So in theory an average company is more legitimate than an average private coder that sells his cheat and has never been legally approved by his country's government.

Can be a private developer legitimate as well?

Private cheat developer (coder of the cheat) can be 100% legitimate as well, but it depends on his skill and personality. If a developer has poor programming skills there is a much higher chance that he won’t be patient enough to code his cheat good enough to break out of competition, so he can possibly look for selling people worse software or in the extreme cases he will try to scam people. As we said it depends also on the personality as well, if someone is a typical person that you would avoid in real life then my suggestion is to not purchase anything from him.

How to find a private coder that offers access to his cheat for money?

The most of the private coders are doing their sales on almost every communication platform that has many players related to the specific game, for example for the CS:GO you can find them on the reddit, discord servers or even directly in the game when playing online.

List of platforms where you could possibly look for private CS:GO hack developers:


Can a cheat company scam you?

The odds of being scammed by a company are much lower than by a single and anonymous person on the internet. From our perspective there are still existing companies that scam people over and over, of course the scam isn’t so obvious and it’s not like paying and not receiving anything back, but the back value you receive from such company is not as you would expect it to be - in the other words the cheat often can be poorly coded as well as it can happen when purchasing from private coder.

But in most cases companies are doing a good job and If the company has good reviews on the sites similar to Trustpilot - it should be 99% legit, and If you enjoy their software you should definitely give it a try.

How to find a cheat company that sells premium cheats?

Definitely the task of finding such a company is way easier than finding a private coder, because most of the companies have strong marketing companies and do everything they can to show up.

You can find most of them on:

  • Google, by typing some phrases like: “buy csgo cheat”, “premium csgo hacks
  • Facebook
  • Youtube, many of the software produced by real registered companies are advertised across many youtube channels related to the game hacking scene and can be found there easily.

What type of seller do We recommend

We won’t encourage you to buy the csgo cheat from our site, but if you do so, thank you for the trust and we can’t wait to see your feedback at our discord server! However we won’t encourage you to make any choice if you feel that you want to try software from the private seller or any other company that suits your need go ahead, just be aware of scammers - there are a lot of them! But In most cases we believe you will make a good choice and the cheat you will buy will completely satisfy you and you will enjoy playing the game as much as we do!