How to avoid ban from Overwatch in CS:GO

How to avoid ban from Overwatch in CS:GO - Don't play obviously with Cheats: 6 powerful tips how to remain not banned on the road to Global Elite.

Make sure you have enough experience in playing without cheats.

Before you use cheats and the most important - before you use any sort of Wallhack such as ESP make sure you have played the game at least for a couple months without any cheats and you have worked out the base movement and game understanding which every mid-level player should gain naturally after a few months of normal gameplay.

If you haven’t played CS:GO before and the first thing you do is launching the wallhack, esp and radar hack - I guarantee to you - you will get 99.9% banned after the first competitive game you will play. It’s nearly impossible for a fresh CS:GO player to play naturally with cheats, because such players won’t have the right crosshair placement, moves, they won’t move naturally and they won’t ignore players that they mysteriously see.

You can follow some tips from normal (non-cheater pro players) like for example this:

So in conclusion a step before messing around with cheats should definitely be to play at least around 30 competitive games and follow some of the game tutorials - totally without cheats, which will teach you the game itself a lot! That will improve your game feeling and will grant you a good base skill that afterwards you can boost a lot using cheats and from the most important, you will actually move around the map like a good player, which won’t lead to any suspicions from other players while you would score a lot of headshots or any other “insane” or “lucky” moments.

Don’t be greedy for every kill you can get.

Sometimes skipping a kill that would be an easy target can totally clean your person from any suspicions from other players you are playing with. Think of it like an empty glass of water that you are filling every time when you score in the particular competitive match. When you score too much, too constantly and too quickly you will definitely slop the water out of the glass.

The very smart play that good cheaters can do is to fail from time to time, like do some stupid but still naturallike move or random wrong decision - Every normal and not cheating player from time to time misses or have had wrong informations from their teammates. Only an obvious and nooby cheater gets greedy for kills whenever he sees his opponent behind the wall.

Trust us, after a while with cheats this will become handy for you, and almost on every potential action you will subconsciously ask yourself if the action will overflow your suspicion limit or not. At the end of the game you will be at least #1 or #2 in the scoreboard while not being called a cheater even once!

Adjust your aimbot config on the fly while playing.

The best cheaters tend to adjust their configs almost every round. I wouldn’t say that you have to do the same thing, because many cheats now have unlimited config savings and loads - but understanding the config itself and being 100% familiar with the settings helps a lot. To be honest almost every map and every weapon requires slightly other settings and we promise that after some practice and experience you will also know how to set up the cheat on the go - just give it some time.

Another good point for deep config knowledge and adjusting it manually is that you can vary your settings each round which helps with remaining random lucky players. For example: play 4 rounds on very low aimbot settings, then tune up your aimbot about 10x stronger and one tap every enemy in the clutch - We promise, nobody will call you a hacker. That's a tested and verified tactic and helped a lot of cheaters from our team to rank higher up to Global Elite rank in competitive Matchmaking.

Setup chams in the proper way.

Almost every cheat has a chams feature - it consists of colorizing the model of players. It can colorize visible models as well as invisible ones. The trick is to set up the visible model a lot brighter and eye-catchy color than the invisible one - this one should be darker and almost unnoticeable.

Other good chams setup is to turn the invisible chams totally off - this way there are no chances of performing any suspicious action and at the same time your reflex has a lot of boost when it comes to spotting an enemy since the visible chams are still toggled on with a very bright color.

Get a cheat with visible only ESP.

Some cheats have this feature that cooperates very well with the visible only chams settings. The feature is disabling the ESP completely when an enemy is invisible, which boosts your innocent look same way as the visible only chams do.

Good moment to mention that our cheat has that feature in the ESP tab - and it works flawless with the visible only chams.

The feature can be combined with Radar, so you will rely only on the very small amount of information about your enemies position while they are invisible to your player.

Don’t try to win every single game - it’s impossible.

As stated above, that’s impossible to win every single game during your road to Global Elite, so sometimes it is better to leave the tryharding mode, and just nearly disable the cheat completely and just be a regular player in your team. When your whole team is very weak, even when you have won a few rounds yourself it’s better for your overall rankings and for your Steam Account at all to accept the loss.

When you are the only player in your team that has a perfect score it’s very outstanding and it’s very likely that your enemies will report you, so even if you win the game you will lose the account.

On the other hand when your team crashes the enemies you can freely boost your cheat settings and it shouldn’t arouse any suspicion, since you are just an average person from your team and the odds of being reported are 5x lower (of course if you follow the rest of the tips stated within this article).