CSGO Legit Aimbot: What is it and what makes it good

CSGO Legit Aimbot - List of best features of good CSGO Aimbot for Legitplay, In depth explanation of most common and unique aimbot features.

Aimbot also known as aimhack in CS:GO is a cheat/hack feature that improves your aiming skills, it moves your cursor (crosshair) onto enemy models so your reaction time is much lower and the chance of hitting an enemy is increased. There are two main types of aimbot: Ragebot and Legitbot, The ragebot is the obvious one (a.k.a. spinbot), and the Legitbot is used for closet cheating when we don’t want to get called “cheater” and improve our rankings in the game. Today we will talk about Legitbot only.

Best legit aimbot for CS:GO ingredients:

  • Undetected by anti-cheats
  • Invisible for spectators
  • Invisible in overwatch
  • Highly configurable
  • Smooth
  • Randomized
  • Humanlike
  • Good for tapping
  • Good for spraying

Good aimbot should be undetected by anti-cheats

An legit aimbot that is good should be completely undetected and unlikely to ever be detected by most of popular non-league anti-cheats like VAC (VAC3), SMAC. So that means that you can easily play any gamemode of csgo without being detected, kicked, banned or instantly sent into overwatch. In the other words you shouldn’t ever worry about being banned when playing with reliable legit aimbots.

Legit aimbot should be invisible for spectators

Good CS GO aimbot is completely unnoticeable for spectators if configured correctly. That means that good combination of fov and smooth rate will result in huge accuracy boost without producing and suspicious snaps, aimlocks and any of that kind of stuff, but if you want to just have fun (for example on deathmatch games) - you can set up in very aggressively and obviously. On the other hand when you are into playing a matchmaking game you will probably stick to lower fov settings along with higher smooth and maybe some combination of our special extra legit features for smart / humanlike aimbot that are somewhere in deeper parts of our cheat menu.

Legit aimbot should be invisible in the overwatch demos

It's the same story as with spectators but with a single difference: overwatchers are much more restricted in their verdict and can actually make you banned. But don't worry as for spectators - if well configured our aim hack is safe and unnoticeable on overwatch demos.

Highly configurable aimbot is the key!

If you don't believe our words, here is an example good csgo aimbot features:

  • Aim toggle
  • Aim weapon - configure each weapon separately
  • Aim fov
  • Aim smooth
  • Aim no-recoil factor
  • Aim time
  • Aim time stop
  • Aim curve min X
  • Aim curve max X
  • Aim curve min Y
  • Aim curve max Y
  • Aim filter in-air
  • Aim filter behind wall
  • Aim filter in-duck
  • Aim key
  • Aim only on key

Randomized aiming paths

Top cheat developers are doing our best to make our aimbot not behave like a typical snappy free aimbot in csgo that just snaps onto enemy head or moves but the move is too fast and unnatural, The good csgo aimbot is randomizing every factor of its calculations to make it non-regular, non-repeatable and unpredictable by viewers - just like natural aim moves made by pro players are.

Humanized aiming paths

Humanization is not equal to randomization but the reason for that improvement is the same. To be as legit as it can, but this way the good legit aimbot is not only randomizing calculations but changing the path how the aimbot locks, no place for doing straight aimlocks, but curved one (of course the factors of the curve should be randomized).

Possibility of performing "onetaps"

Tapping is extremely easy with any good legit aimbot cheat, just aim and tap, then profit. Well, nothing to say really tapping is easy for decent aimbots, so with any better or perfect legit aimbot the tapping is super extremely easy and deadly.

Spraying with an aimbot

Spraying in csgo is a shooting technique that consists of holding your firekey and aiming with your bullets at the same time. Better and more accurate aimbots can handle that as well. Good cheat developers do keep in mind spraying when coding new aimbot features, so you are not forced to only tap with AK47 or M4A4, but you can freely use those full potentials.