Are CS:GO cheats legal: Can paid cheats customers feel safe?

Are CS:GO cheats legal: Can paid cheats customers feel safe? We'll consider the safety of using premium CS:GO cheats as well as some history about penalties for cheating in CSGO.

Have you ever wondered if you can feel secure as far as the transactions of paid csgo hacks are concerned? A great variety of players use the opportunity to buy premium hacks online everyday, but we would like to focus today on the topics of safety and legality of such actions. If you want to learn more and  become more aware about the current csgo cheat community terms and regulations, do not hesitate to dive in.

Today, you can find a lot of Youtubers who earn their living by educating their viewers ho to cheat in CS:GO online game. Even though they publish videos on csgo hacks, game admins and anti-cheat associations don't hold them accountable. There is a huge, thriving csgo cheating community that is growing though platforms such as discord and reddit on a daily basis.

What are CSGO premium cheats?

Online shopping sources

Let's start with a quick summary of csgo hack categories and where you can actually find then. CS:GO cheats are being purchased or distributed through numerous user community platforms such as:

  • discord servers tagged with Csgo cheats

  • reddit sections that share stores with undetected csgo premium cheats

  • forums and websites that facilitate the process of finding csgo free and paid hacks

Paid and free hacks

It is fairly easy to come across legitimate companies that are in the business of selling premium csgo cheats. At the same time it happens to be child's play to find free csgo cheats in the abundance of user-friendly websites. Despite the fact that both type of hacks ensure better results and higher ranks, the fundamental difference between the paid and free hacks is how detectable and safe they are.

If you want to use free hacks, they will turn out to be more difficult to insert  into code an seem more obvious to fellow players or the anti-cheats systems such as VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat System). The premium csgo hacks however tend to be more secure and easier to run. Launched automatically, they can trick VAC and allow you to use the hacks such as:

  • csgo bots, assisting with fired shots, hitting shots when spinning
  • wall hacking, that makes the walls invisible
  • mobility hacks, that enable faster movement

Possible bans

Frequent use of csgo bots and csgo cheats can result in a ban assigned by the Overwatch, namely a group of qualified players that are responsible for rewatching  hours of gameplay of the reported player. They investigate the instances of users accused of hacking or any other disruptive actions. They may apply temporary bans or permanent ones, depending on the seriousness of the reported act. Minor Disruption leads to a thirty days ban, while the Major Disruption results in locking the user's account permanently.

Safety of paid csgo cheats

Even though no one can guarantee you full security, legitimate premium hacks companies should ensure low level of bans for their customers. If a certain csgo hack starts to cause mass bans, the company is obliged to act quickly to avoid  disruptions and make you feel safe as a client. What is more, there are easy steps that you can follow to avoid detection and being banned:

  • Don't overuse cheats. If you carry the hacking to excess, the probability of being reported and banned increases. Balance is the key.
  • Get hit and die from time to time. However grim it may sound, playing by the rules and moderation is vital element of rational usage of csgo cheats.
  • Try not to observe other players through the walls.
  • Never use csgo bots or free hacks during competitions. You will surely get caught and may even receive penalty – when official tournaments, cash prizes and gambling come into the picture, hacking is not legit.
  • Be a closet hacker, not a rage hacker in the matchmakings. Do not cheat openly across the competitive games or employ all available hacks at the same time during them.

CSGO hacks legality

While it is forbidden to cheat according to CS:GO game's terms and conditions, and you     may get banned from the game or even get suspended, using csgo free cheats or the premium hacks is not a criminal offence in virtually all countries.

In the remaining scenarios, as a regular customer of premium hacks you can get suspended  by the game admins for excessive cheating, but you cannot be brought to court by your country's government – excluding North Korea and China. 

If you engage in the casual CSGO scene, not in the Pro League, you can breathe a sigh of relief. As long as no immense market value is at stake, the Valve is turning a blind eye on casual cheating. They are not launching any serious global campaigns, because only cheating that occurs on professional level is worth taking serious action on. Yet, even pro players caught on using cheats end up being permanently banned from a game and excluded from professional league, but with no financial fines or legal repercussions.

A good illustration would be the incident that took place at eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Asia Open 2018 competition. The member of india team, OpTic used a hacking software during the match with Vietnamese team. Nikhil Kumawat's aimbot was detected by VAC. It led to the whole team's disqualification and lifetime ban from Extremesland and Asia Pro League for the player. Even though the csgo hack was detected in public, no criminal sanction was issued.

Ethically acceptable cheating

Despite the fact that the usage of csgo hacks is clearly violating the game's rules, lately the concept of ethically acceptable cheating has come into surface. Let us elaborate on the idea, so that we can explain this surprising point of view. According to some players, it is possible for moral and eager games to use cheats, because of lack of time or resources. If you don't spoil the experience for other users, why should you hold back?

Another arguments:

  • decrease in unproductive grinding
  • enables busy players to achieve higher ranks
  • form of self-protection reaction when users start to cheat
  • achieving deeper understanding of the game

Safety of paid cheats in CS:GO

On the whole, you need to remember that cheating is banned in Counter Strike Global Offensive, and can result in unpleasant consequences. At the same time though, let us all keep in mind that using paid csgo cheats or  free hacks  during casual matches on online servers will not bring about legal punishment or fines. In the majority of countries, penalties can await the hacking software developers, but not the users themselves. In 2017 owners of League of Legends  managed to sue the LeagueSharp hacking service company and received paid compensation.

The only countries to punish their citizens for using game cheats are South Korea and China, who issued a bill that establishes criminal sanctions for game hackers. Apart from that, Chinese government actively fights with video game hackers groups to protect the profitable online gaming industry. In the remaining countries however using csgo cheats is not prohibited by law.