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The most powerful legit CS:GO cheat on the market.
Be legend on every single surface in the Game.

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Are CS:GO cheats legal: Can paid cheats customers feel safe? We'll consider the safety of using premium CS:GO cheats as well as some history about penalties for cheating in CSGO.

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How to avoid ban from Overwatch in CS:GO

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CSGO Legit Aimbot: What is it and what makes it good

CSGO Legit Aimbot - List of best features of good CSGO Aimbot for Legitplay, In depth explanation of most common and unique aimbot features.

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Premium CSGO cheat with features from the best Private CSGO cheats that ever existed.

Our premium csgo cheat has restrictively selected features that guarantee light-weight experience combined with powerful aimbot and unique misc features. Most of them are way better designed and more combined than the ones from the most private csgo cheats that we have had used in the past. Here is a quick shorthand of our csgo cheat features.

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CSGO Aimbot

Humanized, smooth, quick and deadly. We know the way how the private csgo aimbot should shoot - and it does. Our aimbot is legit in any sense of csgo hack could be. Each weapon can be customized differently, as well as you use one setting for all weapons. All our csgo aimbot settings are selected to be important and have a huge impact on your aim skills.

CSGO Triggerbot

Definitely unique csgo triggerbot hack compared to other cheats on the market. Our triggerbot is totally different. The way it’s working is totally different commencing with the idea and ending with it’s performance. Many features you won’t find in any other csgo cheats.

CSGO Backtrack

The backtrack hack works in three separate modes: standalone (aimbot disabled, backtrack enabled), aimbot + backtrack (aimbot helps with aiming on backtrack records as well), triggerbot + backtrack (triggerbot shoots and it does backtrack). Good to note is a fact that we were the first cheat developers that adapted backtrack for legit cheating.

CSGO Wallhack

Walls which stand from csgo wallhack - a group of private csgo cheat features that have something related with displaying your enemy in the 3D world - basically it means that you see through walls. There are two separate features in our csgo hack: ESP & Chams. ESP Draws info about players around their 3D model, when Chams are connected with the player models basically, because it is adding some colors to them and with the right settings it is rendering player’s models through the walls.

CSGO Radar Hack

An csgo radar hack compared to the ESP and to the Chams hack is not touching the 3D world at all. The radar hack is translating 3D player’s world coordinates into a small 2D map placed somewhere on your screen. Our radar for cs go is highly customizable along with its colors, size, zoom and more. It can be set up as standalone cs go radar or you can make it an opaque original csgo radar overlay.

Other cheats

Our csgo hack brings in a lot of other features that haven’t been ment above and are harder to categorize into some kind of group. All the misc features are going into the Other tab in our cheat. Some of the misc features are some game helpers, some are just for fun (or griefing). We are trying our best to ship the most fresh and the most creative misc features we can code and deliver to our customers.

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Gif of the in-game menu recorded at February 2022

CSGO cheat specs & system requirements

Game Steam version of CS:GO
Coded using C++ & Assembly
Type Internal cheat
Purpose of the cheat Ragebot & Legit aimbot
Cheat base Stealth, fast, efficent, light-weight
Cheat menu Smart, clickable, draggable, config management, colorpicking
Cheat loader Stealth, auto authorize, self updates, custom builded
Unique builds Custom user sha-256 signature based building system
Required installations Microsoft Visual Redistributale x86 2015+
Compatibile systems Windows 7 32 & 64 bit / Windows 8 32 & 64 bit / Windows 8.1 32 & 64bit / Windows 10 32 & 64 bit
Detected Never
Slots limit 100
Slots left 0
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27-06-2022: Undetected
Status: Online
Payment methods: Stripe & Crypto
Partnership: Open